Coaching Programme to Improve Product Presentations by Staff

Product presentations pose very different challenges from other types of presentations. Why? Because they don’t simply involve presenting something; they must also persuade the audience. A product presentation needs to grab the target group’s attention and give them the feeling that the product being presented is a solution that gives them crucial advantages over the solution they are currently working with.

At many firms, product managers or sales staff regularly present products to their own colleagues, customers or business partners, in-house or externally. But the pressures of everyday work don’t leave them enough time to investigate and learn the best approaches to use. My coaching programme closes this gap, conveying the knowledge and skills that are essential for preparing and delivering effective, convincing product presentations.



The programme comprises two modules:

Module I: “Designing a Product Presentation”
Participants learn how to systematically choose the appropriate bits from the large pool of information that is available on the company and product and develop a presentation that is precisely tailored to the target group and occasion. They also learn to engagingly and convincingly show the product’s benefits while making use of the product itself as well as various other props and tools, which can include workpieces, examples of production, photos, videos, etc. At the end of this coaching session, the participants will have a presentation at hand, that communicates the product as a solution with crucial advantages for the target group.

Duration: 2 days
Location: At the client’s premises


Module II: “Product Presentation Rhetoric”
Participants learn to systematically leverage their personal strengths (language, gestures, body language, facial expressions etc.) to drive home a product and its benefits. They take a concept developed by applying the system learned in the first module and actually put it into practice: They hold between six and ten actual product presentations, which are filmed using a video camera. After each one, we watch the video footage together to identify and discuss strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve the delivery. The rhetorical skills important for presenting products are systematically practiced.

Option A:

Duration: 1 day
Location: At the company (without an audience)

Option B:

Duration: 1 day
Location: At the company or elsewhere, with actual audiences (eg at an open house or trade fair)


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*Diplom-Kaufmann is a degree which corresponds to the Anglo-American Master´s Degree (with thesis) in Business Administration.