1. You call me …

… and we spend a few minutes discussing:

  • What kind of trade show presentation could work best in your case.
  • The additional benefits it can give you.
  • My rates.

2. Would you like to meet me in person?

I’ll be happy to visit you at your company with no further obligation on your part:
I’ll give you a 20-minute pitch in which I show you pictures and video clips of trade fair presentations I have held and talk about exactly how a presentation could be integrated in at your stand and become one of your most effective trade fair marketing tools.

The bonus: You and your team get to experience me “live” in my capacity as a trade fair presenter.

3. You take your time deciding …

… afterwards whether you want me to support you.

Dipl.-Kaufmann* Hendrik Fritsch

Office: +49 (0) 30 440 439 35

Mobile: +49 (0) 178 165 70 40


Address: Zionskirchstr. 7, 10119 Berlin

*Diplom-Kaufmann is a degree which corresponds to the Anglo-American Master´s Degree (with thesis) in Business Administration.